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Unrevealed insights with Jecstar Innovation!

Monitor and control your applications with Enterprise Telemetry Monitor!

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We are Jecstar Innovation

This is how we work

Innovations made easy!

We at Jecstar Innovation believe that we can help your business with giving you more insight into your data.

By applying the latest innovative techniques on your data we can help your business unreveal the secrets hidden in that data. We're not only showing you this information but we give you the opportunity to actively monitor any part of this information that is important to you.

  • Performance

    All our products are created from the ground up with performance in mind. Our applications get the most out of your environment and keeps your hardware costs as low as possible.
  • Scalable

    No more hardware limitations! All applications scale horizontal: more hardware means more performance.
  • Near realtime

    No more waiting for batchjobs to be completed. We give you insights within seconds!

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Blazing Fast / Highly Scalable / Fully Responsive